Managed Social Media Services

Why Social Media Management?

In today’s date and time, simply enabling B2C digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or B2B platforms such as LinkedIn is not enough. Without interaction and the consequent engagements, this strategy of creating dormant social profile will simply do more harm than good to  your digital goodwill.

Being familiar with the usage of social media channels and actually know how to use these channels to grow your business are two completely different things!

Managed social media services provide you experts eyes and hands to take care of all of your corporate social handles so you can focus on what is most important – selling more!

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management (also referred to as Managed Social Media Services) is the process of managing communication and content online, providing your company the best possible branding and engagement matrix in the digital world online.

Although there are hundreds of Social Media applications online through which billions of people interact with each other and with businesses everyday, not all of them will be relevant to you.

Also, some social media channels would suit your business, product, or service more than some others. There is no holy grail and it is different for each business and industry.

Social Media Outsourcing Benefits

  • Small businesses cannot afford full time internal staff handling digital marketing, specifically just social media – Save money by outsourcing
  • Invest in Expertise
  • Invest in Platform specific knowledge
  • Flexible Pay as you go contracts – you are in control of your spend
  • Ensures only professionals represent you on Social media; in the digital world people are quick to judge and even quicker to react
  • Maintain consistent brand voice across all social media
  • Operate with a clear strategy – effectively and efficiently
  • Save time by not only not having to manage your social media profiles but also by having nothing to do with content creation

Social media is by far the most cost-effective means to market, advertise, generate leads and convert. Let the experts do it faster, better and smarter – straight and simple. Not to mention, this would be the fastest way to grow your team with experts, all ready at your beck and call!


What is included in Social Media services?

  • Developing a social media strategy – the Whats, Whys, Wheres, & Whens
  • One-time Choosing an optimal social media platforms mix for your specific business and its requirements
  • One-time creation of a social media & content calendar
  • Daily Content creation & posting to social media profiles
  • Daily fans, followers engagement through communication, contests and giveaways
  • Strategising Social Media Advertising campaigns (Optional, package dependent)
  • Performance and Analytics

In other words, social media is low-cost, effective, efficient and result-oriented. But you need to take time out to do this and also need to be knowing the right buttons to be pressing.

Why Choose GoaMarks for Social Media?

Professional Expertise

Leave it up to us to engage, respond and bring you the best that social media has to offer.

100% Unique Content

If you are not regularly posting unique content, it simply does not look great. We help you look better on social media.

Customized Packages

We like to put your business first. One man's meat is another man's poison. So we will create a unique package that will be as affordable as it will be effective.

Still thinking about it?

Small businesses, startups and corporates today have excellent leverage from technology and digital marketing to help both build and sell faster.

Specifically, social media as a low cost catalyst, has the potential to transform your business by retaining current customers, attracting newer ones, generating leads and boosting conversions.
These amplified benefits are only when your social media channels are being handled by professionals who know what they are doing.

Give your business a social media makeover today and watch your brand look like a star in the customer’s eyes!


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