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Why do you need a Resume Writing Service?

Job seekers and aspirants often overlook the importance of a high-quality, customized resume. In fact, a resume is your first and only chance to do a digital handshake with the company of your dreams. If it presents you in poor light, you might as well slay your hopes goodbye.

Most resumes are not even accompanied by an appropriate cover letter that will create a professional connect and an emotional recall in the interviewer.

Most people tend to think highly of their spelling-mistakes and poor-formatting ridden resumes and assume there are other reasons for them not getting an interview.

8 times out of 10, if you’re not getting an interview call, its got something to do with your resume!

On the other hand, a professionally written resume will help you not only get a foot inside the door but it will open opportunities wide open for you to land more interviews and get hired faster.

Resume Writing - Benefits of a Great Looking Resume

A resume is often the first and only entry point in any job application funnel. Some of the reasons you should have one done professionally are as under:

  • Creates a powerful first impression – Employers often equate the quality of a resume to the quality of the candidate
  • Advertises your Domain Skillsets saliently
  • Elucidates your Communication skills & Professionalism
  • Clearly communicates your worth and the value you bring, to the Human resources (HR) team
  • A first step in your communication with your prospective employer, it needs to be as good as it can get
  • Underlines your USP (Unique Selling Point) that may well be the strong denominator that ultimately confers you the job – but without a great resume, the employer may just never know that now would they?
  • Outlines Skills, Accomplishments, Strengths and Weakness

Most importantly, the right resume will get you calls for interviews which ultimately better your chances of landing your dream job.

Goes without saying, it is a must to convey how you are the best fit for the said opening. You will not get another chance to say it again!

What are the types of Resumes?

Although a proper research with give you more confusion than answers, commonly all modern day resumes are expected to conform to one of below types:

  1. Chronological resume: This resume design outlines your work experience on a timeline. It begins with your most current position and ends with your first job detail. It is easy to read for employers who can understand your professional journey at a glance and pace the interview up accordingly.
  2. Functional resume: This resume design deprioritizes your work history but rather focusses on spotlighting your specific skills and expertise. If you are applying for a niche position or a position in a niche industry, and have a matching skill or work experience to boot, this resume will ensure you are the first on the HR’s dialing list of prospective interviewees.
  3. Combination resume: Many job aspirants are happy to mix the best out of both worlds to create a customized statement. You take the opportunity to highlight your strengths and skills as well as provide a timelined (chronological) listing of your work history.
The biggest disadvantage of Chronological resumes is that they should not be used by individuals who have lapses in their employment history. Any gaps, be it because of personal or non-personal reasons, always looks bad on paper and hence this resume approach should be avoided for such individuals. 

During the course of the interview, we encourage all aspirants to be honest and forthcoming about any unfortunate circumstances that may have played a role in the lapses and gaps. However highlighting it through a resume as a first step may cause more harm than good.

For above use case, a Functional resume would be perfect. It also works great for new graduates looking for fresh employment but wanting prospective employers’s attention to be drawn to their skillsets and not the obvious lack of experience.

On the other hand, for professionals with a solid track record and seeking senior positions in employment, you cannot do better than a Chronological resume. It will highlight you in a way no other resume format can.

Characteristics of a Good Resume

If you decide to pen down your own resume, you will do well to abide by below timeless resume tips

  • Keep it Professional, do not attempt to show humor, elegance or oneupsmanship. Respect is often paid back in the same currency.
  • Mention what is necessary but keep it brief. A resume more than 3 pages is unlikely to be read and processed
  • Mention your Specific Skills & Strengths
  • List any genuine references who will back you up
  • Update your resume frequently – this is something most people miss out on. They are busy adding skills and qualifications that, apart from themselves no one seems to know about. Do not let this happen to you.

Overall be truthful and honest – a lie may land you an interview but it will just not be worth the trouble to get found out in front of an eminent panel of prospective employers who aspire to be your bosses tomorrow.

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