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What is a Logo?

A graphics creative that combines graphical elements & text to provide a unique visual identity for your brand or business. It is usually unique for each business and trademarked by many to protect their branding investments.

A great logo is often the cornerstone of your brand. It is closely linked with your business and brand in terms of what you do, how you do it and your business’s core values and principles.

Why are logos important for business?

  • A well made logo grabs attention – there is no better way to attract newer customers
  • Makes for a compelling first impression
  • Provides a visually memorable experience – strong element of visual branding
  • Gives your business a unique and distinctive visual identity
  • Greatly enhanced Brand recognition & recall
  • Distinguishes you from your competition
  • Fosters brand evangelism and loyalty in existing customers

Once you become a known brand, a nice logo will help greatly optimize your marketing and advertising spends.

Examples of simple yet memorable logos?

What are the basic elements of a Logo?


Typography means using the right text and font type for this text. 

Text could include a leading symbol, number of alphabet representing the business or the entire name depending on the branding design and strategy.

Font choices on the other hand, are vast. The right font would be on that ideally reflects the personality of the brand or business. All aspects should be checked against, including business tag lines if any. The wrong choice of font can sometimes destroy brands and branding objectives.

Some funny examples are as under:

Do not let this happen to your brand. Period!


Font Often, symbols or icon constructs accompany typography. These are usually composed of abstract geometric design elements. In specific cases, logos may also include decorative design elements such as visual punctuations or line work For e.g. dotted lines, small stars.


Choice of colours is vast. Logos can be in black and white, monochrome or multicolored. Multicolored logos, many a times, have palettes that are either analogous (colours of similar hues) or complementary (colors of opposite hues).
Sample colours and what they represent:
  • Yellow – Vibrant colour that represents Optimism, Warmth and Clarity.
  • Orange – Confidence
  • Red – Passion, Excitement
  • Purple – Trust
  • Blue – Strength and Calmness
  • Green – Growth
  • Black & White – Elegance, Sophistication and Class
logo-color-wheel (1)

Characteristics of a well designed Logo

  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Functionally versatile
  • Unique
  • Memorable 

Our Logo Design Samples

Consider these Factors when hiring a Logo Designer

Asking the right questions:

  • Does your logo designer understand your brand and business aspirations?
  • Do they have a portfolio they can show you?
  • Do they understand copyright & trademark issues? A cheap INR 500/- design will cost you much more in the long run in the form of legal trouble, if it happens to be a trademarked graphic that was copied!
  • Are they focussed on delivering value to your business or simply money minded?

At the end of it all, we would advise you to check the logo design with respect to below parameters:

  1. Review whether your logo communicates about your business or its products/ services as initially envisaged? 
  2. Put your logo next to those of your competitors! Does your business stand out?
  3. Does your logo look good in all shapes, colors and sizes? Will it look as good on a billboard as on a business card?

All said and done, logo designs Bottom line being, a Content writing service should add value to your Business and not vice-versa. Go with someone who happens to resonate with your values and you cannot just go wrong.

Why Choose GoaMarks for Logo Designing?

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Logos are the absolute foundation of branding. Get it done from experts or don't do it at all. A professional ensures ROI on your branding investments.

Upto 3 FREE Edits

We will provide you a total of 3 different samples, allowing you to choose one for up to 3 FREE edit incidents. You can include any number of change requests in a single incident.

Affordable Rates

Our rates are reasonable and work quality premium. We are willing to provide discounts for multiple work orders (For e.g. sister concerns).

Logo Designing - Foundation of Branding

By now you have a very fair idea of how the right logo can add value to your branding!

If you are looking to just make some money, any business would do. But if you want it to scale, be trustworthy and do it long term, you are looking to build a brand!

A memorable logo would just be the best way to kickstart this process of brand creation.

Got your own design idea or a competitor’s? Bring it to the table. We would love to take a look.

Want to start from nothing, as a blank slate? No problem! Allow us to ideate and provide you noteworthy options which will well kickstart the design process and lead us to the ultimate destination – an amazing logo for your brand!

There can be no better investment than a greatly designed logo. Your business will thank you for the many years to come!

The most important person in the process of Logo designing would not be us, it would be you! We would like to see your brand the way you see it, feel it and then bring it to life in the digital world! 

Give us a chance to bring your idea to life – together we can! 

Give your business a digital makeover with an amazing logo from GoaMarks!

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